By using one of our websites, you allow us to acquire, process and use data as described below:

It is possible to use our websites without any registration. While doing so, data, which is not related to your people, like the names of requested pages, IP addresses, dates and times are stored on the server for statistical analysis.

Moreover, person-related data, especially names, mail and e-mail addresses are processed after providing them voluntarily. By providing those kinds of information to us (e.g. by filling one of the contact forms), you allow us, the companies within the cooperation network, to store the data and process it for marketing and quality assurance purposes. This covers also permission, which allows us to send newsletters and other materials to your provided e-mail addresses. For sending such information, we reserve the right to use third party agencies as trusted partners. Otherwise, your data will not be forwarded to any other people or organizations.

You have the right to ask us at any time, which information is related to the person, we are currently processing. Furthermore, you are allowed to revoke the permissions given to us at any time.